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Using-muriatic-acid-to-clean-shower-doors, yes, it can be used. any acid based product will help remove scale. however, it is extreemly dangerous to get on unprotected skin, clothes, metal, ... so using it where it will contact anything .... How to remove soap scum from shower glass doors ~ cleaning hack ~ remove soap scum fast - duration: 13:05. welcome to my curls 6,958 views, jun 25, 2013 - treating toilet bowl stains can feel overwhelming, especially when the stains keep coming back or are tough to get through. depending on the stain, there are several ways to combat the dirtiness. you don't have to use harsh chemicals to get your toilet looking clean again. there are natural options..

Sep 17, 2013 - there have been a like of changes to tile over the last few years. more choices and easier than ever to install!. see more ideas about bathtub, tub surround, tile bathroom., home improvement and house needs ideas - explore ideas to improve you house, cars, phones and get house needs