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Telguard-cellular-alarm-communicator, "telguard has fostered an internal culture that encourages dialog and empowers every team member, regardless of job title, to contribute to the common goal of making telguard successful. this emphasis on people empowerment spills over into the way we treat our customers, where everybody is important, whether they install 1 or 1000 telguard .... If you are having issues with the dealer portal login form, please clear your browser's cache. +, tg-7fs tg-7fs commercial fire alarm communicator. there’s a reason ahjs know the tg-7fs by name. our commercial fire alarm communicator is unrivaled and provides true drop-in replacement..

The telular telguard tg-1 express is a universal at&t cellular 3/4g alarm communicator that has been discontinued and replaced by the tg-1lax01 lte cellular model number., offering a cellular solution to property owners and business managers is exceptionally lower cost than the traditional two phone lines. dedicated phone lines to the fire panel are no longer commonplace.. Tg-7fs lte-v (verizon) cellular communicator. general information; adi part number: ad-tg7lvf01: brand name: telular: manufacturer, tg-1 express primary residential cellular alarm communicator. designed with both security dealers and homeowners in mind, the tg-1 express is versatile, cost-effective and certified for use on at&t and verizon lte networks..

Marketing information. the tg-1 express, now certified for use on the at&t and verizon lte network is an extension of telguard's existing primary residential cellular communicator product line., tg-4 primary and backup cellular alarm communicator. ideal for light commercial, business and residential applications, the tg-4 provides a backup plan your customers can rely on.. © 2020 telguard. telguard is a business unit of ametek, inc. all rights reserved. version : 2020.2.14.1