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Tempered-glass-shower-doors-singapore, are you looking to install a tempered glass door at your home or commercial area? we are one the top tempered glass contractor in singapore offers various type of tempered glass door at an affordable price.. just like any door installation, installing a tempered glass door starts with measuring the opening for the door.after that, the flashing would be applied which is a waterproof adhesive .... Supply and install all kinds of glass, products included swing or sliding shower screen, sliding door, floorspring door, glass partition, tables top, repairs..., glass door specialist - top provider of glass doors & shower screen in singapore. we offer all kinds of glass works you need. call us @ +65 6589 8435.

Through intense heating and rapid cooling, tempered glass is manufactured, making it harder and stronger than normal glass. customization works such as cutting, grinding and hole-drilling on the glass have to be done prior to tempering., we provide a variety of product & services: tempered glass/shower screen. click on the respective picture to view our catalogue.. Tempered glass is formed by heating glass to the softening point in a horizontal tempering stove and then quickly cooling it with cold air. this technique resists compressive stress on the surface and tensile stress inside which provides bending/shock resistance., good quality glass door installation in singapore. safety glass door construction professionals providing the best glass doors at affordable prices..

Duraslide is a innovative steel suppliers in singapore that offers full cyle of stainless steel products for glass doors, glass sliding doors, shower screens, shop front glass doors with affordable cost and effective quality., who says glass is boring? you will be spoilt for choice with our wide range of glass to choose from. whether it is frosted, stained, tempered or tinted glass we stock all types. and within each type of glass many designs are available, so the possibilities are endless. browse through our website.

Contractors and glass door manufacturers initially reacted with understandable disbelief and skepticism: glass does not explode all by itself. surely, they argued, homeowners were reporting glass doors coming free from their frames or mounting hardware and crashing to the floor.